I see teaching as passing along the accumulated wisdom of humankind, an occupation that deserves absolute devotion. 


1. Interest is the best teacher. Intellectual curiosity is part of human nature, and should be encouraged and developed in a class.

2. Students should know both “what” and “how”. Scattered facts are easily forgotten. It is the solid theoretical framework that holds concrete facts that benefits students in the long run. Methodology is essential. Students should be guided to adapt classical paradigms/ methods to test new hypotheses/ solve new problems.

3. Teaching and learning are mutual. A teacher is firstly a good learner with a thorough mastery of the course contents. A teacher should constantly update him/ herself to the advancement of the field, and should be open to learning from his/ her students.


Introduction to Psychology (中国科学院大学2020年校级本科生优秀课程)